Food and wine pairing can be a stale process that yields the same results, or a groundbreaking art form that produces a memorable aftertaste—we’ve chosen the latter. Through meticulous testing and input from professionals and avid home cooks alike, we create unique pairings that break convention and demand attention. With freshly-sourced ingredients and an outside-the-lines approach, we’re ready to lead you into the food and wine pairing revolution.



We savor the search for fine ingredients to create the ideal taste.


Through collaboration with winemakers, chefs, and sommeliers, we select the best wine to serve as the perfect compliment.


Endless testing and constant feedback from industry professionals results in distinctively delicious pairings.


Bring the journey full-circle with exquisite flavor and meaningful company.


Tracy Gardner

Tracy Gardner is changing the narrative of food and wine pairing. He is bringing a new perspective on how you can view your palate. His love of hunting for fresh ingredients accompanied by extensive research creates the ideal combination. Facing resistance head-on and using that momentum to create memorable pairings is his ultimate goal.

Tracy Gardner is the founder of Pairing Base. His kitchen knife skills are also impeccable.