Steamed Lobster with Lemon and Butter

Steamed Lobster with Lemon and Butter


Steamed Lobster

Serves 4 Source: Lobster Anywhere
A tender, flavorful steamed lobster, spritzed with fresh lemon and dipped in butter.
Total Time40 mins
Cost: 3$




As we say goodbye to summer, our first pairing focuses on a seasonal favorite: steamed lobster with lemon and butter. The recipe comes from Lobster Anywhere, experts in North Atlantic Lobster and how to cook it to perfection. As we found out, lobster farmers also know some unexpected secrets in wine pairing, as well.





What wine would you serve with steamed lobster with lemon and butter? Join us as we start our search for the ideal wine to pair with this classic seafood dish. From doing research to unveiling our favorite pairings, we’ll bring you along during the entire process.



We begin a wine pairing by turning to a variety of professionals, avid home chefs, and online resources to see what types of wine they recommend. The most popular recommendation was a chablis with bright and acidic notes, one that contains lots of lemon to compliment the flavor of the dish. A sancerre and chardonnay were raised for the same reasons, with the latter also containing oak and rich buttery flavors. One of the most interesting suggestions we came across was a chenin blanc, recommended with gusto by lobster industry pros in New England. We also received strong votes for a less-expected pinot blanc and a bright Provence roset.

Taste Test


Once we narrow down our wine selection, we invite a few friends, colleagues, and professionals over for a blind taste test. Our taste testers had varied expectations: Diane believed the simplicity of the lobster recipe would be best complemented with mineral and citrus notes, while Morgan was looking for a luxurious mouthfeel that would stand up to the richness of the butter. There are several distinct ways that people often taste and judge a wine. See how our initial selections performed as we gather feedback and go back to one final stage of research.

The Reveal


It’s time for the final verdict: what are the best wines to serve with steamed lobster?

With all of the information and feedback we’ve gathered thus far, we do a final testing with a narrowed list of wines. We revisit each wine and break down tasting notes and how they play with (or against) the flavors in the dish. Irene and Tracy give you our recommendations on which wines work best with steamed lobster with lemon and butter. 

What to Ask for at the Wine Store


Below, we included tools to help you locate our top wine recommendations from a seller near you. However, some wines can be difficult to find. So what should you ask for at the wine store when you can’t find what you’re looking for? If you’re struggling to find our wine recommendations for steamed lobster with lemon and butter, we revisit each wine and tell you how to find strong alternatives that should offer a similar experience.