Welcome to Pairing Base

Welcome to Pairing Base

It’s exciting to find an inspiring recipe that you just have to try. Maybe you’re reading through a NYT Cooking’s daily email at work, or you’re flipping through an old recipe book you dusted off at your mother’s house.

As home cooks, when a recipe resonates with us, we salivate not only for the deliciousness of the finished dish, but the careful process of preparation. We travel to our trusted shops and pick out the very finest of each ingredient. At home, we think upon experience from past cooking endeavors, learning and refining our skillset with every slice and dash of seasoning. 

There may be exciting experiments: Grandma always said to add one clove of garlic more than what they call for, and the woman knew her stuff. The final result is a marriage of craft and vulnerable expression. The first bite is a revelation: the culmination of your thoughts, labors, and desires. This is yummy.

What kind of wine would you pair with this recipe?

We’re often told that a great wine matches or mimics elements of flavor from the dish. This is a standard in pairing recommendations. But if you were tasked with coming up with a side for your new recipe, would you use the same ingredients to make it?

I’d like to introduce you to Pairing Base. We’re a team of food & wine industry pros and everyday folks who are passionate about finding next-level wine pairings.

We seek out wine pairings that add an additional level of flavor to the meals we so carefully craft. The right wine should bring something new and welcoming to a dish; not fight for your tastebuds’ attention or merely offer more of the same. We hold wine pairings to a higher standard, blind taste testing dozens of bottles of wine with top-rated dishes and providing precise pairing recommendations.

The next time you host your fellow foodies, Pairing Base can show you the wines that will make your latest dish a true delight and leave your guests impressed.

We hope you’ll join us on this journey to discover the wines that truly perfect a dish. Subscribe to our YouTube channel and get alerted whenever we upload a new pairing. You can also follow us on Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook for a look into our daily inspiration.

And please feel free to write to us directly: info@pairingbase.com. We’re eager to hear your thoughts, and would love to know what you’ve been cooking lately.

All the best,

Tracy Gardner
Founder of Pairing Base

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